Thursday, August 11, 2011

Painting, Bloodbowl & Helldorado Book!

So it's been a busy painting period recently. With the Bristol Malifaux one day tournament in two weeks I have been getting my Collodi crew ready for action. Only a couple of Wicked Dolls to go!! The Marionettes, Collodi and Stitched are ready. After that I need to get Zoraida ready for the 35ss league at Firestorm.

Before Zoraida though I am also in this years W.A.N.C Bloodbowl tournament hosted by the Viet Taff. Not expecting a win though as I am rolling with Halflings! The reason for this is that I had a nifty idea to use the Nightware Edition Teddy (left) as Treemen and Puppets War model, Plaguebears (right), as the Halflings to create a teddy themed team. League starts in October and I am starting from scratch....more on this later.

As a last point I obtained the much anticipated HellDorado book this week. I will post a full review soon, but it is very nicely presented, good bit of fluff and the models presented look nice so thumbs up so far!

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