Monday, October 31, 2011

Long Time No Speak....

My good intentions with this blog fell by the wayside and it has been woefully long since the last update! Anyway here is a quick summary of my gaming - pictures to follow!

Malifaux - Zoraida goes well. Not really winning still but figuring her out slowly and enjoying it. Aside from one Slurid as well the whole crew is painted. I have even running either Zoraida, Avatar, Bad Juju, 3 x Slurids, 1 Stitched and Wicked Dolls or a list dropping the Slurids and adding Collodi and 3 Marionettes.

Puppet Wars - Loving this! I intend to post a review on this soon. I have yet to start painting but I am really finding it a lot of fun.

Bushido! A new game from GCT Studios. I got the Temple of Ro-Kan starter and Aiko + Gorilla. The models are amazing and very well cast. The rules look great with a few nice twists and I am looking to get into this in a big way. I have almost finished the Gorilla, but have been quite ambitious with the bases so they are taking a bit longer than expected.

Everything Else - I recently got the Gears of War board game as well as Dreadfleet. Both are quality games with excellent components but I have no time to play all this awesomeness!

So thats the broad update. More very soon on Bushido and model pics!