Friday, January 13, 2012

Bushido Action - 12/1/12

Rudders Temple vs Greenys Cult
Last night saw my Temple square off against Greenys Cult, using both starter sets. We played the idol scenario – here is a quick rundown of events!
The game started with Ekusa lining up to the left of my deployment zone with the two peasants. Kenko and Yumi paired up on the right. On the other side of the board Kato and a pair of Kairai were opposite Kenko and Ikiryo and the other Kairai opposite Ekusa. I lost the initiative role (this continued for almost every turn!).
Kato moved behind some trees and the Kairai headed for the idol on the right. Kenko and Yumi both moved forwards, Yumi getting into base contact with it and then turning it with Kenko to the right of her. Ekusa and the peasants moved forward as did Ikiryo and her Kairai. Kenko attempted to take on a Kairai but got scared! Ekusa and the peasants move forward towards the middle idol which a Kairai was headed for. Ikiryo went to the idol on the left and turned it and Kato then popped out a Marionette who promptly possessed Kenko!
Yumi moved around her idol to take on a Kairai. A peasant turned the middle idol and Ekusa put out an aura to stop the middle Kairai from attacking the peasant. Kenko, under mind control, had also been heading to deal pain to a peasant but the aura saved that so he instead decided to investigate a small swamp at the bottom of the board! The Ikiryo moved towards the middle idol though and a poor peasant had his mind literally blown. Yumi fought bravely but was taken down and a new Kairai raised. Kato moved up and turned the right idol while Ekusa got to the idol on the left and turned it.
Kenko got his senses back and he charged back towards the middle statue and obliterated a Kairai there. Ikiryo moved into base contact with the middle idol as did a Kairai. The remaining peasant got frightened by this and was then charged by Kato but survived.
Ekusa put Contemplation of Existence on the Ikiryo. A Kairai was able to turn the middle idol twice but Kenko ran in there and turned it once for a draw!
Many thanks to Greeny for a superb and enjoyable game – 50 rice in two weeks! There is a couple of pics from Greeny and a bit more info on the Bushido blog here:

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