Friday, January 6, 2012

New Models Procured!!

One of the websites I look at daily is Tabletop Gaming News. A few days ago they posted about two limited edition models that Meow miniatures have released. I hadn't heard of them before but they are a French company who resell here in the UK through Allsorts Emporium. The model shown below is called "Double Face' and is the second version made of that character. They have only made 400 and I managed to snag one. Here is the painted pic from Meow's website and a pic of the model I received today:

I also ordered a Devil baby and they appear to make a game which you play with these freaky dice so I got a set of those too for the cool factor!

I wasn't sure what to use the dice for (or the baby for that matter!) but I picked up Quarriors the other day (love it - absolutely love it!! - more on this soon!). The counters it comes with for tracking your score are small ordinary wooden blocks, so I am painting up four dice in the player colours and using them instead. Check out Meow's website here. They sell some very cool stuff and shipping from Allsorts is very fast.

The models are resin and spot on - barely any cleanup needed and no bubbles. The dice are just wicked and I am thinking Double Face might make a good replacement for the Dopple Ganger in Malifaux but I have a lot of painting to tackle before going there!

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