Tuesday, January 3, 2012

XMas Hobby Action!

It was a very sparse and dry period for me gaming wise - except for "Poo" the card game! A younger sister got me the Shisa dogs for my Temple of Ro-Khan Bushido faction though and they are awesome! If you haven't looked at Bushido yet I cannot reccomend it enough. Start with this website:


The forums are quite active and well frequented by the game owners. I will be putting more up here on Bushido soon and my painting table at the moment is overrun with Bushido models, Temple and the Cult. I have a game this coming Thursday down Firestorm that I am very much looking forward to and a tournament in Feb hopefully!

Other than that I have started looking into Secrets of the Third Reich from West Wind productions. I have the rulebooks and am greatly enjoying the whole fluff at the moment. I have gathered a few boardgames as well at the moment. Namely Gears Of War, Super Dungeon Explore, Doom of the Eldar (old GWgame) and Incursion so I need to find a lot of time to plough through all this gaming greatness!! 2012 is shaping up great so far

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