Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bushido - Wave 14!

So it appears I blinked and four months went past! In that time though I have moved house, now living in sunny Bristol with a 33 week pregnant girlfriend. Given my lack of updates here recently this site stands no chance once the baby arrives!!

Anyway my gaming has been focused on a few things. Plenty of Bushido, a little Super Dungeon explore and Zombicide. More Dreadball is needed in my life and with Deadzone and Rivet Wars coming up I think things are going to be busy to say the least!

Tme for a quick plug though - SMOGCON 2014!! GCT Studios are bringing the full weight of Bushido to bear next year. There is the first Grand Masters tournament on the Sunday. I will be there with several retainer colleagues, both running demos and playing in the tournament. Check out the Bushido forums here:

Also the official Smogcon pages:

I highly encourgae you to go an tick Bushido on your forms!!

Now I was innocently eating my hot pork roll for lunch when the awesome Tom at Firestorm games text me to say Wave 14, minus Suchiro, had arrived in stock! I went and picked them up and here are some pics:


This guy is a beast in game. Gets my vote for most likely to be running around at the end of the game! A truely sick model too and a wonderful one peice. No pinning here!

Masunagi Ito

What didn't opponents of the Ito need to see? Another damned tank of an awesome warrior! Imposing and mean figure with a few small peices that need glueing on but they shouldn't be too much trouble. In game hes what you expect - good armour and great, powerful fighting.

Sukuratchi, Okkete San and Wakasu Akuma

Sukuratchis arms are seperate but an easy pin to the body. The beasts are both one peice and very nice too - especially the bird! In game they are an interesting combination and Sukuratchi is a very good spend with a good fight ability. I don't want to spoil the rules but they are very cool!

I'll add Suchiro when I get him next week. Savage Wave get the giant bat this month and Prefecture Katsumoto but those are the only two factions I'm not collecting - I'll take some pics tommorrow at Firestorm!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Bushido - Wave 12

So I went to the UK Games Expo event on the 25th - a fantastic event and the kids had a great time. I picked up a few new card games, a Smallworld and Escape expansion and also the new Temple, Ito and Cult releases for Bushido! First up the Earth and Air Kamis for the Temple of Ro Kan:

Simple but very nice. The Earth is one piece and bizarrely I think he is quite a cute little thing! Also the first of this group I am painting. The Air Kami has quite a long "arm" with a small surface for attaching so a pin will probably be called for here!

For the Ito we have Takeji:

Lovely figure in five pieces. All fit well, but I'm the banner for the back will need careful glueing to stay under while being regularly handled.

And for Cult one of my favourite figures the Harrionage:

I was not a big fan of the art, but the final sculpt is incredible. The torso and legs fit snugly, but the left arm and the hair are very small fits. I don't think I can even get a pin in the hair! Might need some imaginative green stuff work.....

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bushido and Jwardiff!

I may not have updated the blog but the hobnby has been on! Highlights from the last few months include:
  • Attending Salute 2013 - at the bottom of this list is the swag pic. I also ran a lot of Bushido demos for GCT
  • Arranging Jwardiff, the Bushido tournament in Cardiff
  • Switching to Vallejo colour paints from GW (although I stick with GW inks!)
  • Zombicide season 2 on Kickstarter and getting rest of season 1 goodies
  • Dreadball Season 2

The main purpose of this entry though is the new Bushido rulebook! GCT Studiod releases Bushido back just before Summer of 2011. They had four factions and the rules came in a little booklet in each starter pack or free on line. They tweaked, adjusted and then released Bushido: New Dawn late last year - a bigger update to the ruleset that warranted it's own name. This remained free to download and a new faction, the Ito, made an appearance at the start of this year after a succesful Indiegogo campaign.

A few days ago Bushido announced the printed rulebook that has been in the pipeline for a while and for me GCT completely did the right thing getting the rules right first. The book is full colour and just shy of 125 pages and while I haven't seen it yet I am certain it's worth every penny.

As well as the new book Wave 12 is upon us which brings me nicely to Jwardiff! This year on the 1st of June and in Firestorm once more. Thanks to a change in distribution LGS's can now stock Bushido directly from GCT which means Firestorm will be getting the new stuff again! The book is already available for pre-order there and you can follow this handy link:

Attendees of Jwardiff, and visitors I imagine, can get the book and Wave 12 (I think!) on that weekend. GCT will be bringing their concept artbook as well which is full of some tasty cancepts and also expect some shiny previews of things we haven't seen yet (Shiho anyone?? hopefully??!?). Tickets are still available and can be purchase for a lowly £10 here:

If you can't play then pop down to say hi and have a look anyway. More information on Jwardiff, including prize pics and the tournamant pack are available here:

And finally here are two pics on models I have recently finished for use in my Peasant army at Jwardiff!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Rivet Wars and Dreadball!

I wanted to talk about Rivet Wars! If you haven't come across it yet is CMON's latest Kickstarter extraordinaire. I have backed a few Kickstarters now and find it not only addictive, but a great way of getting more for your money. At the moment I am paying $50 more for Rivet Wars than the list price will be but I am currently getting double the models and a number of extra troops and leaders for the game and there is more to come.

Even if your not interested/don't have money etc I thoroughly reccomend that you check this out. The gameplay video looks very promising and there is no doubting the quality and uniqueness! Click here to get to the Kickstarter!

Speaking of Rivet Wars and Kickstarter the paint jobs on the Rivet minis was done by the immensly talented James Wappel. I cannot stress enough - go check out his blog:

and then checkout his painting tutorial Kickstarter!

and finally I am beginning to get somewhere with my Dreadball team, the "Fatal Enemas". Painting the same mini more than once is not something I normally do, butI have almost finished the three Guards! Here is a progress pic.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year and Ito!

Happy Christmas and New Year all! Santa was very nice and brought me the Joker crew and Batman from the Knight models skirmish game that I am looking forward to tackling! I hope you were all well blessed also.

For Jan my schedule is as follows:

1) Green stuff and base Ito
2) Paint up based Forge Fathers Dreadbell team
3) Paint up Fire and Water Kamis for Bushido
4) Paint Ito

It's clear this will take me well past Jan but I can live in hope. I backed the Dreadball Indiegogo campaign so have the team and all Star Players. It is looking great and I am hoping to blog about it more in the coming weeks.

Just before Crimbo I took part in the Kessel Run at Firestorm games. No new ship for me unfortunately but the new stuff does look amazing and I highly reccomend anyone try X-Wing. If you can get to Firestorm I'm happy to run some games. I'll be looking to play a lot of Bushido and have two shows later this month to run demos at. Zombicide too needs some more plays!!

2013 is going to be a huge year for GCT Studios and Bushido. The rulebook will be this year, as well as Ito general release in Feb and faction dice. The scheme for exchanging your V1 Profile cards for New Dawn cards will be announced soon and Faction packs made available later this year so you can buy cards seperately

Time for pics now! I have the Ito assembled and on the "Lava" bases from Secret Weapons Miniatures, although I will paint them as grassland with water streams rather than molten rock. The models still blow me away. Here are pics of each and a group shot.