Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year and Ito!

Happy Christmas and New Year all! Santa was very nice and brought me the Joker crew and Batman from the Knight models skirmish game that I am looking forward to tackling! I hope you were all well blessed also.

For Jan my schedule is as follows:

1) Green stuff and base Ito
2) Paint up based Forge Fathers Dreadbell team
3) Paint up Fire and Water Kamis for Bushido
4) Paint Ito

It's clear this will take me well past Jan but I can live in hope. I backed the Dreadball Indiegogo campaign so have the team and all Star Players. It is looking great and I am hoping to blog about it more in the coming weeks.

Just before Crimbo I took part in the Kessel Run at Firestorm games. No new ship for me unfortunately but the new stuff does look amazing and I highly reccomend anyone try X-Wing. If you can get to Firestorm I'm happy to run some games. I'll be looking to play a lot of Bushido and have two shows later this month to run demos at. Zombicide too needs some more plays!!

2013 is going to be a huge year for GCT Studios and Bushido. The rulebook will be this year, as well as Ito general release in Feb and faction dice. The scheme for exchanging your V1 Profile cards for New Dawn cards will be announced soon and Faction packs made available later this year so you can buy cards seperately

Time for pics now! I have the Ito assembled and on the "Lava" bases from Secret Weapons Miniatures, although I will paint them as grassland with water streams rather than molten rock. The models still blow me away. Here are pics of each and a group shot.

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