Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Rivet Wars and Dreadball!

I wanted to talk about Rivet Wars! If you haven't come across it yet is CMON's latest Kickstarter extraordinaire. I have backed a few Kickstarters now and find it not only addictive, but a great way of getting more for your money. At the moment I am paying $50 more for Rivet Wars than the list price will be but I am currently getting double the models and a number of extra troops and leaders for the game and there is more to come.

Even if your not interested/don't have money etc I thoroughly reccomend that you check this out. The gameplay video looks very promising and there is no doubting the quality and uniqueness! Click here to get to the Kickstarter!

Speaking of Rivet Wars and Kickstarter the paint jobs on the Rivet minis was done by the immensly talented James Wappel. I cannot stress enough - go check out his blog:

and then checkout his painting tutorial Kickstarter!

and finally I am beginning to get somewhere with my Dreadball team, the "Fatal Enemas". Painting the same mini more than once is not something I normally do, butI have almost finished the three Guards! Here is a progress pic.

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