Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bushido and Jwardiff!

I may not have updated the blog but the hobnby has been on! Highlights from the last few months include:
  • Attending Salute 2013 - at the bottom of this list is the swag pic. I also ran a lot of Bushido demos for GCT
  • Arranging Jwardiff, the Bushido tournament in Cardiff
  • Switching to Vallejo colour paints from GW (although I stick with GW inks!)
  • Zombicide season 2 on Kickstarter and getting rest of season 1 goodies
  • Dreadball Season 2

The main purpose of this entry though is the new Bushido rulebook! GCT Studiod releases Bushido back just before Summer of 2011. They had four factions and the rules came in a little booklet in each starter pack or free on line. They tweaked, adjusted and then released Bushido: New Dawn late last year - a bigger update to the ruleset that warranted it's own name. This remained free to download and a new faction, the Ito, made an appearance at the start of this year after a succesful Indiegogo campaign.

A few days ago Bushido announced the printed rulebook that has been in the pipeline for a while and for me GCT completely did the right thing getting the rules right first. The book is full colour and just shy of 125 pages and while I haven't seen it yet I am certain it's worth every penny.

As well as the new book Wave 12 is upon us which brings me nicely to Jwardiff! This year on the 1st of June and in Firestorm once more. Thanks to a change in distribution LGS's can now stock Bushido directly from GCT which means Firestorm will be getting the new stuff again! The book is already available for pre-order there and you can follow this handy link:


Attendees of Jwardiff, and visitors I imagine, can get the book and Wave 12 (I think!) on that weekend. GCT will be bringing their concept artbook as well which is full of some tasty cancepts and also expect some shiny previews of things we haven't seen yet (Shiho anyone?? hopefully??!?). Tickets are still available and can be purchase for a lowly £10 here:


If you can't play then pop down to say hi and have a look anyway. More information on Jwardiff, including prize pics and the tournamant pack are available here:


And finally here are two pics on models I have recently finished for use in my Peasant army at Jwardiff!

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