Monday, May 27, 2013

Bushido - Wave 12

So I went to the UK Games Expo event on the 25th - a fantastic event and the kids had a great time. I picked up a few new card games, a Smallworld and Escape expansion and also the new Temple, Ito and Cult releases for Bushido! First up the Earth and Air Kamis for the Temple of Ro Kan:

Simple but very nice. The Earth is one piece and bizarrely I think he is quite a cute little thing! Also the first of this group I am painting. The Air Kami has quite a long "arm" with a small surface for attaching so a pin will probably be called for here!

For the Ito we have Takeji:

Lovely figure in five pieces. All fit well, but I'm the banner for the back will need careful glueing to stay under while being regularly handled.

And for Cult one of my favourite figures the Harrionage:

I was not a big fan of the art, but the final sculpt is incredible. The torso and legs fit snugly, but the left arm and the hair are very small fits. I don't think I can even get a pin in the hair! Might need some imaginative green stuff work.....


  1. My order's in for Takeji, can't wait to get him painted up for my boys!

  2. Know what you mean with Harionago's hair - I found it far easier to file a few millimieters of the hair down a bit into a round "peg" shape and then drill a small hole into her hand and glue the hair in that way - far easier than trying to pin it by drilling into both pieces and paperclipping it.
    I've done that with scabbards too.