Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bushido - Wave 14!

So it appears I blinked and four months went past! In that time though I have moved house, now living in sunny Bristol with a 33 week pregnant girlfriend. Given my lack of updates here recently this site stands no chance once the baby arrives!!

Anyway my gaming has been focused on a few things. Plenty of Bushido, a little Super Dungeon explore and Zombicide. More Dreadball is needed in my life and with Deadzone and Rivet Wars coming up I think things are going to be busy to say the least!

Tme for a quick plug though - SMOGCON 2014!! GCT Studios are bringing the full weight of Bushido to bear next year. There is the first Grand Masters tournament on the Sunday. I will be there with several retainer colleagues, both running demos and playing in the tournament. Check out the Bushido forums here:

Also the official Smogcon pages:

I highly encourgae you to go an tick Bushido on your forms!!

Now I was innocently eating my hot pork roll for lunch when the awesome Tom at Firestorm games text me to say Wave 14, minus Suchiro, had arrived in stock! I went and picked them up and here are some pics:


This guy is a beast in game. Gets my vote for most likely to be running around at the end of the game! A truely sick model too and a wonderful one peice. No pinning here!

Masunagi Ito

What didn't opponents of the Ito need to see? Another damned tank of an awesome warrior! Imposing and mean figure with a few small peices that need glueing on but they shouldn't be too much trouble. In game hes what you expect - good armour and great, powerful fighting.

Sukuratchi, Okkete San and Wakasu Akuma

Sukuratchis arms are seperate but an easy pin to the body. The beasts are both one peice and very nice too - especially the bird! In game they are an interesting combination and Sukuratchi is a very good spend with a good fight ability. I don't want to spoil the rules but they are very cool!

I'll add Suchiro when I get him next week. Savage Wave get the giant bat this month and Prefecture Katsumoto but those are the only two factions I'm not collecting - I'll take some pics tommorrow at Firestorm!

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  1. Congrats of the baby Sam, when mine arrived game time proper dropped off!