Monday, February 17, 2014

Da Clash!

Well – I still haven’t got around to the Rivet Wars playthrough write up but in the meantime I had a package at work – the long anticipated Indiegogo campaign rewards for backing Ammo Miniatures new game – Da Clash!

This is a weird and wonderful wrestling game with nice and easy rules and a good range of wacky characters! I saw it at Salute last year and brought a few of their minis – the game looked like some light fun so I went in for the “Da Wrestler” level. This included the game, four minis of my choice, unlocked stretch goals and a resin ring to play with.

So here is a pic of the box (front and back – the back doubles as the ring!) the resin ring in its packaging and the four minis I chose plus the three I got from the campaign.

While we are on the subject of the ring it is a big piece of resin! Looks great through – the rope is metal wire. Here are a couple of shots of me assembling it.

Now - the minis I got included the four standard models are available on the Ammon miniatures pages so I took some more pictures of the exclusive items. First up us Diablito!

Then Los Mustachios:

Finally Hulkenstein!

All minis come with a stat card (in English and French) to play with in the game. Inside the box it comes with four cardboard versions of minis and their stat cards so you can play straight away. The mini versions of the car figures are available on the Ammon website if you would like to go down that route.

Other box contents include the rulebook, cardboard tokens (a good thick stock too!). The rule book is again in English and French and the rules are only a couple of pages long – it won’t take long to pick up!

You get some small gem tokens to represent “Rage” and “Zen”. Build these up to let your fighters go crazy with special moves!

The box comes with the dice on the left of this pic, but you can get this yellow dice bag with custom dice in.

The custom dice and resin ring are both available post Indiegogo here:

The game is good fun and only takes up to 30 minutes. It’s about resource management –you roll your dice and decide where to put them, to activate models or to build up rage and zen. Most of the Ammon range has cards for playing the game with and you can download them from the site if you already own the models. The models themselves are all resin and have lovely detail on them.

If you want a fun game to play that doesn’t require collecting masses of figures – or even any if you want to stick with the four in the box – then this is definitely worth a look.