Monday, November 30, 2015

Guildball Game Ready Part Two....

...and here are the rest of my Morticians in part 2 of Guildhall Game ready! First up is Graves - I added a Hannibal Lector mask to him. I felt this was an appropriate symbol of his viciousness, although biting faces off isn't in his playbook :) Again though I didn't look at the art and missed the fact that he has a shirt on under the apron so if I was painting him again would have a white shirt but I am happy with him and theres others to get to painting!

The next on the table was Silence. I know he has a skull cap but I file it off as I wanted him to be a baldie. When I started painting him though the Joke make-up face was an accident but I liked it! His flowing cloaks were nice to paint and he makes a creepy second in command.

Ghost felt daunting before I began him. I did the skin, head, apron, trousers and then gloves and weapon painting in that order. I felt very pleased with the mask and hair and it really pushed me to get him finished.

Casket was tricky as there are not a lot of painted examples out there but I wanted him to have black skin with a witch doctor thing painted on his face. Because of the skin and the deep red clothing I decided on a lighter colored casket to contrast. I am happy with the casket from the rear - I can't put my finger on whats wrong with the view from the front, but he looks good on the pitch and thats good enough for me.

Now these next aren't Morticians, but they can play for them  and I love the models so from the Union first we have Fangtooth! He is a big hulking mass of immoveable flubber and awesome in game! Love the hockey mask and the fact he appears to spend time between games locked up!

Gangs of New York is a great film and Rage here is straight from it - he even has a Dead Rabbit hanging from his belt.

I have Bonesaw too now so he will be shown here soon with a couple more group shots!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Guild Ball - Game Ready Part One...

Definitely my favorite miniature game of this year is Guild Ball and I am signed up for "Festive Balls" - a 32 player tournament at Bristol Independent Games (BIG). I will be taking Morticians, and while I am not the most competent of players I am massively looking forward to this!

So I got my head down and painted up a model a week and here are the results with some commentary! First - the team shot:

Here we have the full Morticians team, minus Bonesaw who is not out yet, plus Rage and Fangtooth who are Union players.

The first model I finished was Obulus. Being the team captain felt like he deserved the treatment first:

I didn't paint him this way on purpose but I feel his face has a definite Count Dooku look to it! I wanted the feathers to be something other than dark black/grey/purple so went with this phoenix esque look - this was something to pull the team together. Every model other than Ghast has some feather so they all have this scheme on them. Next up Dirge and a ball:

Dirge got the same scheme as Obulus' clock - on reflection he looks a bit too dark but I don't want him to be brightly colored so he'll have to do! The bases by the way are simply the resin bases that came with the Kickstarter. The flock is a bit of a modeling cop out but this is a sports game and I like the simple way it looks.

At this point I did the goal! I always knew it was going to be a big sharks jaw mounted on a corpse cart - it was just a question of modeling it! I found a 3D image of a sharks jaw as an STL file. It was a bit model so I used a free bit of software to shrink it down and then had it 3D printed. The cart came from "Gok" from the Busihdo range of miniatures so I pinned it on - used green stuff to hide the pin in a bit of wood and got to work painting:

I am very pleased with how it turned out! Back to the team and it was Cossets turn:

I decided on deep red for the teams 'uniform'. With her loose ribbons I kept them the same color as Obulus' to help give the team a look of unity. I didn't look at the artwork before painting her so she ended up with less skin on her from on show. For her face I wanted her very pale with some blood splatters!

The rest of the team are coming in part two soon.....

Friday, November 13, 2015

Star Wars Risk - Black Series

First things first - this is NOT risk! I think Hasbro put it on as a marketing thing but definitely not risk and a very good game!

In this game you are playing out the end of Return of the Jedi. It's for 2-4 players and the rebels are trying to destroy the shield generators so they can destroy the Death Star and also having Luke fight Vader. The Imperial is trying to wipe out the Rebel fleet. The battle between Luke and Vader s not game deciding but if one side wins they get a good advantage at that time.

Oh and the board is shaped like a tie fighter!

There are plenty of game reviews out there - this is a look at the Black Series edition of the game. Suffice to say I have a lot of fun with this - it's not going to win any awards but its a great game that any Star Wars fan will enjoy. And NOT Risk! Don't let that put you off!

The game hit stores in September 2015 with the regular edition priced at £35. The Black Series is the same game but upgraded components and cost £50. The components and box do step up a notch but for £50 it is a bit pricey. For big Star Wars fans or those with a spare £15 who will get the play from this I would say it is well worth it. Here is a quick list of the differences:

  • Pewter Death Star, Executor and Falcon rather than card
  • Improved card stock and printing
  • Massively improved box and storage
  • Plastic figures for Stormtroopers
  • Dice are translucent red rather than plain red ;)

Anyway enough blabbing - on to the pics! The box first front and back - It opens like a jaw rather than the the regular version:

Here is the inside - the board is mounted in a foam layer with the board wings beneath the main board section. In the regular version the central board piece folds twice rather than the once here but they are otherwise identical:

Beneath the foam layer are the components with some nice box organization.

The rule book - well laid out and 18 pages long.

The board all assembled!

Close up of the Endor battle for the shield generator. The rebels need to advance all the way up and the imperials can slow them by putting Stormtroopers in the way but the Rebels will keep advancing....

The other wing tracks the health of the Falcon and Executor and the battle between Luke and Vader.

The dice! Not much more to add....

The Death Star - a cardboard token in the regular version.

Executor - also cardboard in regular version:

Falcon - you guessed it. Cardboard in the regular version:

X-wnigs, B-wings and Y-wings - theres loads of these.

Ties and Stormtroopers. The troopers are a card token in the regular version. Ties are the same and lots of them!

A few tokens for tracking health and Rebel progress on Endor:

The cards - same layout in both game versions but there is gloss finish in the Black series. Top are the Imperial cards and bottom Rebel. Basically when flipped the player chooses which one of the printed actions they are going to take.

The board laid out and ready to start!

Space battle in progress!

Rebels pushing for the generators!

I have no regrets on picking up the Black series, but it does cost more for the same great game. Black or standard edition I would recommend getting this!

Monday, June 1, 2015

UK Games Expo 2015 - The Ridend!

Wow. What a show - bigger and better and growing ready or next year. However I will do another post of my general experiences on the show this year - this post is here for one reason. Tor Gamings latest addition to the Relics universe - the Ridend!

I have a good 400 points of Britanans for this game and enjoy the models, fluff and nice easy ruleset. For a couple of years now they have talked about two new factions - the Ridend and a squid-like Cthulu esque race. Finally after months of testing shots the Ridend are here and worth the wait.

I was foolish and ailed to get a pre-order in for the Expo which would have guaranteed the models. When I got there on Saturday morning all the cool chicken riding dudes were gone :(. However they still had some of everything else so I indulged.....once I get my Guildhall out of the way these guys are next on the table.

First up the leader guy - the Baron! Complete with banner bearer and music fella

Then we have the archers - I got two bags of these guys but have only shown one here. Each ag has six figures, two of each sculpt:

Then we have the foot knights - I got one bag of six knights. Like the archers there are three sculpts but I think I have a slight mispack  and have three copies of one sculpt and one of another but no big issue:

Here ate the two wooden status tokens that came with the force:

And finally here is the mercenary guy that is coming out soon:

These guys are fantastic little figures. General release is only 17 days away from writing this and all these figures will be available - along with the chicken riders I need! Check out Tors pages for more information: