Monday, June 1, 2015

UK Games Expo 2015 - The Ridend!

Wow. What a show - bigger and better and growing ready or next year. However I will do another post of my general experiences on the show this year - this post is here for one reason. Tor Gamings latest addition to the Relics universe - the Ridend!

I have a good 400 points of Britanans for this game and enjoy the models, fluff and nice easy ruleset. For a couple of years now they have talked about two new factions - the Ridend and a squid-like Cthulu esque race. Finally after months of testing shots the Ridend are here and worth the wait.

I was foolish and ailed to get a pre-order in for the Expo which would have guaranteed the models. When I got there on Saturday morning all the cool chicken riding dudes were gone :(. However they still had some of everything else so I indulged.....once I get my Guildhall out of the way these guys are next on the table.

First up the leader guy - the Baron! Complete with banner bearer and music fella

Then we have the archers - I got two bags of these guys but have only shown one here. Each ag has six figures, two of each sculpt:

Then we have the foot knights - I got one bag of six knights. Like the archers there are three sculpts but I think I have a slight mispack  and have three copies of one sculpt and one of another but no big issue:

Here ate the two wooden status tokens that came with the force:

And finally here is the mercenary guy that is coming out soon:

These guys are fantastic little figures. General release is only 17 days away from writing this and all these figures will be available - along with the chicken riders I need! Check out Tors pages for more information:


  1. These look like a ton of fun!
    One of the best factions for Relics so far.

    1. The pre orders are up now - 4 chickens please Tor!