Monday, November 30, 2015

Guildball Game Ready Part Two....

...and here are the rest of my Morticians in part 2 of Guildhall Game ready! First up is Graves - I added a Hannibal Lector mask to him. I felt this was an appropriate symbol of his viciousness, although biting faces off isn't in his playbook :) Again though I didn't look at the art and missed the fact that he has a shirt on under the apron so if I was painting him again would have a white shirt but I am happy with him and theres others to get to painting!

The next on the table was Silence. I know he has a skull cap but I file it off as I wanted him to be a baldie. When I started painting him though the Joke make-up face was an accident but I liked it! His flowing cloaks were nice to paint and he makes a creepy second in command.

Ghost felt daunting before I began him. I did the skin, head, apron, trousers and then gloves and weapon painting in that order. I felt very pleased with the mask and hair and it really pushed me to get him finished.

Casket was tricky as there are not a lot of painted examples out there but I wanted him to have black skin with a witch doctor thing painted on his face. Because of the skin and the deep red clothing I decided on a lighter colored casket to contrast. I am happy with the casket from the rear - I can't put my finger on whats wrong with the view from the front, but he looks good on the pitch and thats good enough for me.

Now these next aren't Morticians, but they can play for them  and I love the models so from the Union first we have Fangtooth! He is a big hulking mass of immoveable flubber and awesome in game! Love the hockey mask and the fact he appears to spend time between games locked up!

Gangs of New York is a great film and Rage here is straight from it - he even has a Dead Rabbit hanging from his belt.

I have Bonesaw too now so he will be shown here soon with a couple more group shots!!


  1. Awesome work once again. Great painting and great ideas on where to take these minis outside [grayscale] or [black on black]. Really dig when an accident turns into something interesting and the sculpt takes over, and you seem to have achieved this at least a few times to great effect. Hope you don't mind if I borrow a few of these ideas- grats on completing the range & GL for your matches.

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  3. He's awesome - I put a blindfold on mine a it felt like the thing to do! I'll get my pics of him up over the weekend. I pinned all his joints I think.

  4. Agree on Bonesaw/Ghost btw- just putting mine together now and feeling the fear. 'Twas the reason I bought into Mort and now it's one tricky model that I *really* don't want to mess up.